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  1. Please could members of this website give an unbalanced view of customers experiences of work providers such as Remploy, Shaw Trust, A4E, Ingeus and other such providers out there.

These companies should assist people where Job Centre Plus do not have the resources or the capabilities to assist however in reality quite often these providers hit the headlines all for the wrong reasons so this could give your perspective.

These can include:

How easy was it to facilitate a referral from Job Centre Plus to a Work Provider?

Did Job Centre Plus state very clearly what they could offer and which program was suitable for you i.e. Work Program or the Work Choice?

Do you feel customers should be able to self refer to either the Work Choice or the Work Programme?

Were you offered a taster session before committing to either of these programs?

Do you feel they have been able to offer you anything in terms of support that you could not do yourself?

Have you ever been sanctioned by a Work Provider for ‘Not engaging’, ‘Not attending’, if so did you feel this was fair or reasonable?

If you have barriers such as a health condition, criminal record, long term unemployment or lack of references did you feel they listened and understood your barriers in order to assist you to overcome them? If so how, if not, why not?

Any other service issue i.e. if you had a comment or a concern did you feel they addressed this quickly and reasonably?

Updated 28th June 2016

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