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There are two angles I would like to look at on this issue:

Job Centre Plus: Job Centre Plus are one of the largest government departments, whilst Data Protection could be an issue in terms of allowing work experience to occur, blocking access to their own personal account is one way that could easily be facilitated as well as with work providers.

They should be offering work experience / permitted work & work trials for people on benefits, if they are expecting companies to take on individuals then they should really be setting the example, there could be issues around the capacity in terms of seats available or to actually train people due to the sheer volumes that go through the door but this could quiet easily be overcome.

There should be a total review at each local job centre and district office across the country to look at what opportunities people could be given to people, at the very least the DWP should re-introduce their in house magazine where customers could write articles or indeed on website in terms of blogs and the DWP could then respond so people do not have to set up other social media sites to campaign for better changes to the process, we need to empower individuals through whatever means possible to be able to reduct the gap on their CV as this can often be the barrier to keeping people off work for longer than is required because the longer people are unemployed sadly they fall to the bottom of the queue.

Companies: The longer people are unemployed for the greater peoples barriers can be especially around the lack of experience which can lead to more serious problems such as debt, homelessness and suicide, we need to find more opportunities to give people work trials and work experience that can lead to more long term employment, local job centre plus offices should be working more with each company in their area to promote these schemes, an advisor should be going out and calling companies similar to a recruitment agency as well as promoting any schemes job centre plus has in terms of financial incentives at any given time.

We need to be doing more to promote government schemes around work trials, Job Centre Plus need to find opportunities within their own department so individuals can gain experience and return to some kind of employment part or full time.

Updated 13th June 2016 

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