Woman with invisible illnesses accused of faking disability for badge

Laura was horrified by the note left on her windscreen (Picture: Mercury)
A woman with more than five chronic illnesses was accused of faking her disability for a blue badge by a cruel fellow driver.

Laura Press, from Whitefield in Greater Manchester, was shocked to come back from shopping to find a note on her windscreen with ‘your badge no has been taken’ on it.

The manager of Asda, where the mum-of-two had been shopping, confirmed that the note had been left by an elderly man.

Now Laura, 31, is speaking out about invisible illnesses, saying that it is ’embarrassing’ to park in the disabled bays and she is ‘not a scrounger’.

‘I just found the note and called my husband and said “I could cry” because I was so mortified,’ she said.

‘To look at me, I do look well but I wish people would think beyond the fact I don’t have a wheelchair or walking stick.’

Laura suffers from bile acid malabsorption – which mirrors Crohn’s disease – as well as spontaneous, pressure-triggered and chronic idiopathic uritcarias, and random anaphylaxis and angiodema.

Laura suffers from uritcaria, which causes her to swell up, and another condition that mimics Crohn’s disease (Picture: Mercury)
She continued: ‘I have a lot of chronic illnesses which mean I need easy access to a toilet or to be near other people. I even have to drive into my daughter’s school and no other cars are allowed near.

‘I have chronic idiopathic uritcaria and chronic spontaneous uritcaria, which means if I am gripping the wheel or if I hold my shopping bags for too long my hands will swell up.’

Laura added that she’s ‘not a scrounger’, but carries the disabled badge for greater independence.

She also had to leave her job as a nurse because of her illness, and now she works for her husband on a self-employed basis.

‘I shouldn’t have to explain myself to anyone,’ she added. ‘It’s so hard to get a blue badge these days.’

Laura’s hands swell up if she holds the steering wheel for too long (Picture: Mercury Press)
A spokesperson from Disability Rights UK said: ‘Disabled people have rights and entitlements arising from their disability or long-term health condition and not because they have a long cane, a wheelchair or some other visible sign of their condition.

‘This elderly man is probably a regular shopper and I hope this person gets to talk to him at some point about her feelings, possibly with the store’s help.’

Source: http://metro.co.uk/2017/08/02/woman-with-invisible-illnesses-accused-of-faking-disability-for-badge-6824217/

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