Want to prevent dementia? Eating at the same time every day could fight signs of condition

Dementia is a condition associated with an ongoing decline of brain functioning.

According to the NHS, signs and symptoms include memory loss, thinking speed, mental sharpness and quickness and difficulties in carrying out daily activities.

There is no cure for dementia at present, but new research has found eating at the same time every day could help combat neurodegenerative diseases.

Huntington’s Disease is another form of dementia which damages certain nerve cells in the brain, and a new study published in the journal ENeuro found a way to improve quality of life for patients diagnosed with the condition

Dementia: Eating at the same time every day could help prevent the condition
New research has found eating at the same time every day could help combat neurodegenerative diseases

The study, carried out by researchers from The University of California, LA, found regular meals improved brain power and sleep quality in mice with Huntington’s disease – and they believe it will also apply to humans.

As part of the research, one group of mice were only given food during a six-hour period then they were most active.

The rest were free to eat whenever they liked.

Results revealed the mice who were given regular meal plans to have improved gene expression in the striatum and better cardiovascular health.

Dementia: Regular meals were found to improve brain power and sleep quality in mice
Study author Professor Christopher Colwell said: “After three months of treatment, when mice reached the early disease stage, they showed improvements in their locomotor activity rhythm and sleep awakening time.

“Furthermore, we found improved heart rate variability, suggesting their nervous system dysfunction was improved.

“Importantly, treated mice exhibited improved motto performance compared to untreated controls.

“The data suggests feeding schedules could play a role in the treatment of HS and could lead to the development of new treatment options for neurodegenerative disorders.”

Dementia: Mice were found to have improved heart rate variability
Having or knowing someone with the condition can be devastating, but there are things in place to make life a little easier.

Certain council tax rules are in place offering exemptions and discounts where someone diagnosed with dementia is concerned.

The council tax discount is titled ‘severe mental impairment’ (SMI).

The council tax rules state a person is exempt from council tax if they have a ‘severe mental impairment’, and this includes conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.


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