Universal Credit officially rated WORSE than all other benefits

Ten of thousands of angry Universal Benefit claimants reporting unresolved issues and incorrect information

Universal Credit was brought in to simplify the welfare system and replace six other benefits – but it’s caused problems for many of the people it was designed to help.

Among them, a disabled man told how he had received a Universal Credit payment of just 1p .

And one had his payments stopped because he did not attend a jobcentre appointment he hadn’t even been notified about until a month later.

Another was plunged into debt and had his home emptied by bailiffs.

Thousands of claimants have now expressed their frustration with the system in a Government survey, the results of which have just been published.

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) asked claimants how happy they were with the various benefits offered.

Just over a third (34 per cent) of claimants reported that they were ‘very satisfied’ with their experience on Universal Credit while 10 per cent said they were ‘very dissatisfied’.

Results found that overall satisfaction with Universal Credit was at 80 per cent, a lower level than for every other type of benefit available.

It means people had a worse experience on Universal Credit than for all other payouts such as pension allowance, carers’ allowance and disability living allowance.

Campaigners in Nottingham call for Universal Credit to be scrapped (Image: Nottingham Post)


Across Great Britain, nearly 1.6 million people are now on the scheme. But at the time of the DWP claimant service and experience survey 2017 to 2018, there were 600,000 people on Universal Credit.

So the results showed 114,000 dissatisfied Universal Credit claimants, of which 60,000 were very dissatisfied.


In addition, the survey found that nearly one in five Universal Credit claimants had difficulties in their dealings with DWP. They were the most likely of all benefit claimants to experience problems.

More worryingly, 37 per cent of Universal Credit claimants reported that these issues had not been subsequently resolved.

Source: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/universal-credit-officially-rated-worse-15786160

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