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Undertaking a simple search on youtube here are a compilation of clips below of customers across the country who have resorted to using mobile phones whether this is covert or more visual, this is what Job Centre Plus should be aware of these days there are so many different devices available, these civil servants across all government departments must me some of the most hated individuals behind traffic wardens, talk about giving people what they require on a plate.

Should you record phone calls and face to face meetings? 

Yes, absolutely, you may have records to some description or another at home however evidencing face to face and phone calls of what is said can be quite difficult, it can be your word against theirs and as they have the power it would appear their word is final so to have this for evidential purposes this should be strongly encouraged. They may call the police but unless a breach of the peace has been committed they cannot stop you so proceed regardless.

Ideally you should really keep this for any civil or criminal prosecution against them however there are grounds this is in the ‘public interest’ to put this onto social media to highlight poor practice.

You should state the first time you sign on you wish to do this, it sets things off that they should be careful how they behave and you can hold them to account, the reality is they will probably treat you better if they know this could be used against them, in fact this should be used by as many people as possible and if their behaviour is reckless after you have gone through the complaints process threaten to put this online, they cant stop you and would have to threaten legal action but they would only do this if they are embarrassed by their action or behaviour.

How should I do this? 

You should initially notify the local police that you are doing this, if they call the police then at least they are aware and you or the Job Centre are not unduly processed by the statutory authorities.

You should request an interview room in advance to be able to film the meeting, they are obliged to let you have one, if the advisor does not feel comfortable that is an entirely different matter, either they are doing something wrong or they should give you a replacement.

You could film this on your mobile phone but try to be careful you do not include other customers or that you can hear anything regarding their personal details, you could use a phone recording device called Esonic Phone Recorder which goes into the jack of your phone and put it on load speaker or purchase a spy watch or other spy accessories, just google them.

Are there any useful links I can read on this subject? 

Yes, have a read of these documents.





Updated 11th June 2016 

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