Two laughing care workers filmed disabled woman crawling across after her legs were tied together

Danny Dias and Wyn Ellis, both 57, now face jail for their hideous crime after Dias shared the mobile phone footage with another employee

Two callous care workers are facing jail after tying together the legs of a woman with learning disabilities and laughing when she tried to walk and fell over.

The pair took video footage of their heinous act and could be heard cackling as the fallen woman started crawling towards them, a court heard.

Danny Dias and Wyn Ellis, both aged 57, were reported to management after Dias sent the sick video to another member of staff at the care home, who took the appropriate action and reported them.

Both worked at High Noon adult care home in Pulborough, West Sussex, which cares for people with learning disabilities, challenging behaviour, mental health problems, sensory impairment and other health needs.

Dias tied the woman’s legs together and filmed the 31-second clip on his mobile phone and he admitted ill treatment contrary to the Mental Health Act at Horsham Magistrates’ Court, West Sussex.

Fellow carer Wyn Ellis, was convicted of wilfully neglecting a person without capacity, contrary to the Mental Health Act at the same court.

Danny Dias admitted ill treatment contrary to the Mental Health Act
They were warned they could face jail for their “appalling treatment” and were set to be sentenced in March.

Detective Constable Erica Lawrie said: “This was appalling treatment of a very vulnerable woman by two of the very people employed to care for her.

“Fortunately another staff member brought this gross breach of trust to the attention of the home managers, who contacted us.

“Fortunately the woman did not sustain any physical injury but her distress was clear and the longer-term impact on her can only be imagined.”

Gareth Morgan, from the Crown Prosection Service, said: “We have treated this as a disability hate crime, as we believe this crime was motivated by hostility based on the victim’s disability.

“Tackling hate crime, and particularly disability hate crime, which has low reporting levels, is a key priority for us in the South East.”

A spokesman for Sussex Police said: “While they were employed as the privately run High Noon adult care home in Pulborough, a privately run home, Dias shot a 31-second video on his mobile phone showing Dias having tied the woman’s ankles together using a cable.

“Both Ellis and Dias are then heard laughing and shouting at her while she struggles to walk, falls over and tries to crawl towards them.

“Dias later sent the footage to the mobile phone of another staff member, who alerted the management.”


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