Thug filmed brazenly walking into disabled mother’s garden and throwing ornaments and flower pots at her home

A THUG was filmed brazenly walking into a disabled mother’s garden and throwing her ornaments on the floor and flowerpots at her house.

Her son, Morgan Goodwin, sent CCTV of the despicable act in Darleston, West Midlands, to police but cops are still looking for the man responsible.

The 19-year-old musical theatre student said he had a devastated call from his mum, who doesn’t want to be named, after she found out what had happened.

In the footage the man is seen walking by the house before doubling back and strolling purposefully down the garden path.

He reaches a flower bed and begins pulling out ornaments and decorations, chucking them on the floor behind him.

The culprit then pulls a hanging basket from the wall and smashes it onto the front of the house, before quickly turning on his heel and walking away leaving dirt and destroyed flowers on the floor.

Morgan said: “We know who it is, he is known in the area but the police are having trouble finding where he actually is.

“It is the type of crime where after six months they will drop it [if they can’t find him].

“It was a random thing. It just seemed really out of the blue.

“She was scared, she’s never had anything like this done before – she was asleep at the time – it was quite frightening for her.”

“It’s that kind of fear he’s still walking the streets, he could suddenly do it again.”

His mother has spinal compression and arthritis and finds it a challenge to tend to her beloved garden.

The destruction of her garden happened at about 7.15am on June 3.

He added: “She takes pride in her garden as she can’t walk much – having all that done it just tore her to pieces.”

“She told police it’s not about the price [of the ornaments] it’s what he’s done and the principle of what he’s done.”

Police confirmed they were made aware of the incident on June 3 and their enquiries continue.



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