Thieves leave teenager housebound after stealing wheelchair from boot of car

CALLOUS thieves left a disabled teenager housebound after they stole her wheelchair from the boot of her mum’s car.

Eighteen-year-old Sophie Young suffers from cerebral palsy and is dependent on her wheelchair to get around.

But sadly last week her chair was stolen from the boot of her mum’s car outside her house in Coleridge Green, Somerford.

Mum Kerri Pass told the Echo she couldn’t understand why someone would steal it.

“They must know that there is someone who relies on that chair to be able to get around,” added Kerri, 43.

“It’s just awful and it has left Sophie quite upset and also stuck in the house for over a week.”

Recently a team from Holt Recruitment in Bournemouth took part in Tough Mudder to raise £3,000 to help buy a set of specialised wheels for the chair which gives Sophie more independence.

“Altogether the wheels cost £4,500. We paid £1,500 and this team of fundraisers paid the rest. They are brilliant because it allows Sophie to control the chair with a remote which moves the wheels.

“But sadly after only having them for a few weeks they have now been stolen.

“Thankfully we received a replacement chair on Thursday (Aug23) but we won’t be able to get the wheels back.”

Sophie, who goes to Victoria Education Centre in Poole, has had a number of surgeries in the last year on her feet and legs and is expected to go back under the knife in September.

“She’s been through a lot and to have this happen is just awful,” added Kerri, who works in Waitrose.

“We would really just like to get the wheelchair back.”

It is believed the theft took place sometime between 4pm on Tuesday, August 15 and 8.30pm on Thursday, August 17.

Police say they are investigating the incident but no arrests have been made so far.

Anyone with information about the theft or has been offered to buy this type of wheelchair is asked to contact police on 101.


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