TEEN SEPSIS BATTLE Bike-mad lad, 16, fights for life unaware he’s lost BOTH legs to sepsis

A BOY of 16 is fighting for life — unaware both his legs have been amputated below the knee.

Keen cyclist Ethan Hunt, from Burnley, was put in a coma at Manchester’s Wythenshawe Hospital as doctors battled to bring his sepsis infection under control.

Until he wakes up the keen cyclist will not know that doctors had to make the heartbreaking decision to amputate his legs below the knee.

Speaking to The Mirror, Ethan’s sister Jodie said: “It’s devastating, and I’m still in shock, but it was the right decision to make.

“We had to get rid of the sepsis.

“I’d rather have a brother with no legs, than no brother at all.”

Ethan and his sister Jodie, 24, who hasn’t left his side
Now his aunt Nicola Spencer has launched a fundraising page to buy her nephew new legs when he recovers.

In three days the fund has already raised £4,505 of the £10,000 target.

Nicola said: “I decided to set up the fundraising page to buy new legs for Ethan for the future.

“But there is going to be so much more he is going to need such as a wheelchair and adaptations to his home and various equipment.

“The response so far has been fantastic, we never dreamed that people would be so generous.

“We, as a family, have gone through hell and the kindness, help and support we have been shown is overwhelming and we appreciate it so much.”

Ethan had been suffering from flu but seemed to be getting better in time for his dad’s 40th birthday.

Mum Melanie, 44, realised there was something terribly wrong when she noticed purple blotches appearing on Ethan’s legs.

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Nicola said: “They couldn’t wait for an ambulance so they took him to A and E themselves.

“When they arrived at the Royal Blackburn Hospital Ethan was rushed in straight away.”

Ethan suffered three cardiac arrests and scans later confirmed he had sepsis, was in severe respiratory failure and had pneumonia.

He was then transferred to Wythenshawe Hospital and placed on a special ECMO machine that drains the blood from the vein, adds oxygen and removes the carbon dioxide.

It warms the blood and then returns it to the artery and ‘pumps’ the blood through the body which allows the blood to ‘bypass’ the heart and lungs, allowing them to rest and get better.

Ethan, who is also battling the bacterial infection MRSA, is in a stable but critical condition and doctors have not given any indication yet when they may be able to wake him from the coma.

Ethan is studying for his GCSEs and he has two jobs, a paper round and he also works in the executive lounge at Burnley FC’s Turf Moor stadium, his aunt said he had been saving up his money to buy himself a new bike.

Source: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/uknews/5619445/bike-mad-lad-16-fights-for-life-unaware-hes-lost-both-legs-to-sepsis/

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