Gene therapy medication provides improvements in severe SMA

March 5, 2018 admin 0

Spinraza, the gene therapy medication, also provides significant improvements in cases with the next most severe form of the neuromuscular disease, spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), […]

Two toddlers ‘miraculously’ regain abilities to stand and sit up after new therapy to treat most deadly genetic disease in infants

November 14, 2017 admin 0

Spinal muscular atrophy kills more infants than any other genetic disease Both of Danyelle Sun’s children suffer from a genetic disorder that has robbed them […]

Breakthrough drug for kids with SMA

October 31, 2017 admin 0

ORLANDO, Florida – Asher Camp is now four and a half years old. He was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy at just six months. “For […]

Patient set to undergo the world’s first human head transplant says ‘Dr Frankenstein’ will reveal details of the operation next month

September 12, 2017 admin 0

The terminally ill man who is set to become the world’s first head transplant recipient says more details about his extraordinary surgery will be revealed […]

Cyprus could be destination for disabled divers

September 10, 2017 admin 0

MORE needs to be done to promote diving for disabled in Cyprus, as well as better access to the sea and dive sites, according to […]

New drug shows promising results for treating spinal muscular atrophy

August 30, 2017 admin 0

A drug developed by an Iowa State University biomedical researcher as a potential treatment for spinal muscular atrophy showed promising results in a recently published […]

Brown University Discovers Cure For Fatal Spinal Muscular Atrophy

May 5, 2017 admin 0

While spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), generally, has still no cure, experts at Brown University have found a “multipronged counterattack” for older patients and their families. […]

New line of attack on spinal muscular atrophy

May 3, 2017 admin 0

Though spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) in its most severe form remains incurable and fatal in early childhood, researchers are sustaining a multipronged counterattack for patients […]

Family raising £10000 to help extend baby Ella’s life

April 27, 2017 admin 0

THE family of a “beautiful and happy” Loughborough baby, battling a rare neuromuscular disorder, are trying to raise £10,000 for treatment that could extend her […]