Optician who claims to treat autism struck off

March 12, 2018 admin 0

An optician who claims to be able to treat the vision of people with autism and brain injuries using coloured filters has been struck off. […]

Spotting the signs of Sepsis

February 12, 2018 admin 0

45,000 people die from Sepsis every year. Credit: PA The family of a dad who died from Sepsis say they want to raise awareness of […]

9 yoga poses for fibromyalgia treatment

January 26, 2018 admin 0

A recent study has shown that there may be some major benefits to practicing yoga for fibromyalgia. But what is fibromyalgia? It’s a chronic disorder […]

What is Crohn’s disease?

January 8, 2018 admin 0

The disease mainly attacks the intestine and can result in severe diarrhoea, cramps and tiredness. It can be found anywhere along the gastrointestinal tract from […]

Number of Scots living with Parkinson’s set to double

January 8, 2018 admin 0

New figures from Parkinson’s UK show that more than 12,000 Scots are now living with Parkinson’s, and that this number is expected to double within […]

Diabetes: Can gene therapy normalize blood glucose levels?

January 8, 2018 admin 0

Researchers may have just found a way to restore normal blood glucose levels in a mouse model of type 1 diabetes, which could prove to […]

Supermarket to hold weekly Autism Hour

January 4, 2018 admin 0

People living with autism will now be able to do their grocery shop during a weekly ‘quiet hour’. The Grand Marché supermarkets in Jersey and […]

Radical diet can reverse type 2 diabetes, new study shows

December 28, 2017 admin 0

A radical low-calorie diet can reverse type 2 diabetes, even six years into the disease, a new study has found. The number of cases of […]

Why 2018 will be a very special year for the NHS

December 28, 2017 admin 1

This is a special year for the NHS – it marks its 70th birthday. So expect lots of anniversary events and stories celebrating the success […]

NHS tax on visitors, staff and the disabled is sick

December 28, 2017 admin 0

The NHS made £174m from car parking charges last year, and even charged hospital staff Last year it made an unbelievable £174million from car parking […]

Fibromyalgia is misunderstood, sufferers receive little support

December 22, 2017 admin 0

A man from Grays is taking on the mammoth challenge of running 100km in a 24 hour period next May to highlight and raise money […]

Alzheimer’s breakthrough: Scientists discover the ‘ground zero’ of the disease in a vulnerable set of immune cells – paving the way to a cure

December 22, 2017 admin 0

Alzheimer’s disease is caused by immune cells in the brain triggered by inflammation, according to a breakthrough discovery. The new research could lead to the […]

Scientists sniff out Parkinson’s disease smell

December 22, 2017 admin 0

Joy Milne can smell Parkinson’s disease before it is medically diagnosed Scientists are close to establishing what causes a smell associated with sufferers of Parkinson’s […]