Student with autism has college place withdrawn a week after term starts

Emma Parker is angry that her son’s college place was withdrawn after one week. Credit: ITV News Anglia

A mother is fighting to get her autistic son back into college after his place was withdrawn after just a week.

James Parker, 16, was offered a place at City College in Norwich and started last Monday. He said he had a great week and told his mum it had been the best week of his life.

He has now been told there had been an error with his enrolment and he should not return to the college.

Norfolk County Council said it was unable to discuss individual case details.

A spokesperson said: “We have made repeated attempts over several months to speak to the family about James’s future.”

“We remain very keen to work with James and his family to secure the best possible outcome for his education and urge them to respond to our offers of a meeting as soon as possible to talk through the options



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