SILENT KILLER Dad-of-two dies of sepsis just five days after scratching himself on a nail

Tragic Ben Yelland was just 38-years-old and father to nine-year-old Amie and Freya, six

A DAD-of-two died of sepsis just five days after scratching himself on a nail.

Ben Yelland, 38, started to feel ill two days after nicking himself on the nail in May.

Ben Yelland was rushed to hospital when he started to feel ill two days after nicking himself on the nail in May but tragically died of the infection three days later
He was rushed to hospital but tragically died of the infection three days later at hospital near his home in Watford, Herts.

He was father to nine-year-old Amie and Freya, six, and also left behind partner Alison.

Experts say the tragic case of the “silent killer” infection is a reminder people should know how to spot its symptoms.

Sepsis can be caused by seemingly minor injuries from small cuts and insect bites to chest infections.

Ben’s family said in a statement: “Ben was a soft and gentle man, he was a much loved partner and best friend to Alison, Daddy to Amie, nine, and Freya six, a much loved son and brother who will be so missed by all his family and friends.”

Dr Ron Daniels, chief executive of the UK Sepsis Trust, said: “Stories like Ben’s remind us of the devastating human cost of sepsis.

“Every day in the UK, individuals and families have their lives torn apart by the condition, but better awareness could save thousands of lives each year.

“Whenever there are signs of infection, it’s crucial that members of the public seek medical attention urgently.

“With every hour that passes before the right antibiotics are administered, risk of death increases.”

The NHS say symptoms of sepsis include feeling lethargic, having mottled, blush or pale skin, and a high temperature.

They also include fast breathing, dizziness, diarrhoea, vomiting and severe muscle pain.

Ben’s family now want to raise money for researchers battling the deadly disease, which kills 44,000 people in Britain every year.

They said: “If anything good can possibly come from this it would be to raise awareness of this little known infection.”

Dr Daniels said: “It’s the extraordinary efforts of supporters like the Yelland family that allow us to continue the fight against sepsis.

“We’re nothing without our volunteers, and we’d like to say a huge thank you from everyone at the UK Sepsis Trust.

“Together we can change the way sepsis is handled in the UK


Septicaemia, also known as sepsis, is a rare but serious complication of an infection that can quickly lead to multiple organ failure and death.The blood poisoning occurs when large amounts of bacteria enter the bloodstream.Bacterial meningitis can lead to septicaemia.Sepsis can also be caused by viral or fungal infections, although bacterial infections are by far the most common cause.

Symptoms in children under 5

Your child may look mottled, bluish or paleIs very lethargic and difficult to wakeFeels abnormally cold to touchIs breathing very fast or having difficulty breathingHas a rash that does not fade when you press on itIs fitting or convulsinghas a high temperatureRefusing to eat or drinkHas not had a wee for over 12 hours

Symptoms in older children and adults

A high temperatureChills and shiveringFast heartbeatFast breathingFeeling dizzy or faintConfusion and disorientationDiarrhoeaNausea and vomitingSlurred speechSevere muscle painBreathlessnessNot urinating for a dayCold, clammy and pale skinLoss of consciousnessIf any of these symptoms develop you should seek medical advice straight away.


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