SICK PRANK CALL Disabled mum and daughter duped into ‘licking staff’s feet and being ridden like horses’ at Poundworld store

Prankster pretending to be from shop’s head office offered Pamela Desmond, 55, and 24-year-old Naomi £3,000 to take part in the ‘humiliating’ two-and-a-half hour hoax

A PRANKSTER tricked a mum and daughter into being “ridden like horses” and licking the feet of staff at a Poundworld store to win a £3,000 prize.

Pamela Desmond, 55, and daughter Naomi, 24, were doing some last-minute holiday shopping when they fell victim to the two-and-a-half hour hoax.

Their ordeal started when staff received a call from a man claiming to be from Poundworld head office, who told them to close for a “team training exercise” using two customers.

Pamela and Naomi were the only shoppers in the store in Barnstaple, Devon, at the time, and were promised a major cash prize for taking part in a series of humiliating tasks including licking staff’s feet.

The mother-daughter pair also had to let staff throw water over them, have their faces’ drawn on with pens and had to carry the workers down the aisles in a “human horse race”.

The shop’s staff were ordered to call the two women “Ugly” and “Beast”, and in return they were told to call the manager “Beautiful lady”, with the promise of £50 each time they said it.

Their ordeal lasted for two hours until the caller said the “training exercise” was over.

Pamela and Naomi then left the store, but ten minutes later Naomi received a call from the sick prankster, who claimed they had ten minutes to return and “knock on the door on your hands and knees”.

The pair did as instructed and spent half-an-hour crawling on the pavement outside the shop, believing this was the final task to win the money.

Pamela said: “Afterwards we felt embarrassed. We genuinely thought it was head office.

“The strange thing was he was on the phone the whole time sounding very serious about the tasks.

“I’m disabled so that makes it even worse — and the caller knew.”

Both Pamela and Naomi later said they suspected it was a scam and the shop manager said he would investigate.

Pamela said Poundworld told her the two staff had been suspended.

The store said the incident had been referred to police.

They also apologised to Pamela and Naomi and offered them a £200 voucher.


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