The shocking excuses drivers use for parking in disabled spaces as Brits back £5,000 fines for misusing Blue Badge bays

AN overwhelming number of Brits are parking in disabled bays – and their excuses for doing it are shocking.

A recent study found as many as 2.5million motorists will park in a disabled spot with some saying they didn’t care.

Conducted by, the study found some drivers also blamed being in a rush while others said they didn’t think they would get caught.

Plenty of selfish drivers said they just didn’t care, and some even claimed they didn’t think there should be special parking zones for those with a disability.

And a large number of drivers said they didn’t realise the bay was disabled-only – despite markings and sign posts.

The study also asked Brits how they felt about introducing harsher penalties for those motorists who decide to use disabled bays despite not being a Blue Badge holder.

Reasons for British drivers parking in disabled bays

Some drivers feel that there shouldn’t be special parking allowances for disabled people
As many as 25 per cent of respondents called for guilty drivers to be hit with a fine of up to £5,000, along with three penalty points on their licence – much higher than the current maximum £70-£100 fixed penalty.

Almost a third called for drivers to be sent on a disability awareness course, while one in 10 wanted selfish motorists to be forced to do community service.

A small group even called for a three-month driving ban for Blue Badge bay thieves, but this idea was only supported by five per cent of respondents.

Harrison Woods, managing director of, said: “It is shocking to think that there is a significant number of Brits who believe there’s nothing wrong in parking in a disabled parking spot when they have no right to.

“Not only can this lead to a fine but it is also very inconsiderate to disabled drivers who might be forced to park somewhere else if the space is wrongly taken.

“Another excuse given by offenders was that the disabled parking spot was the only space available. Those drivers who feel that this is a justifiable reason should plan ahead so they aren’t parking where they are not allowed.”

We previously reported how Brits were also using parent-and-child bays in supermarkets because it isn’t illegal – although you can get a fine if a traffic warden is on patrol.


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