Scientists developing ‘ninja drug’ which targets harmful toxins in brain and destroys Alzheimer’s

The drug – known as the ‘PMN310 antibody’ – is designed to attack only specific toxic proteins which trigger Alzheimer’s disease

SCIENTISTS are developing a “ninja” drug that targets toxic proteins in the brain and stops Alzheimer’s in its tracks.

Early tests show the drug halts the chemical processes that kill brain cells in sufferers and also protects against short-term memory loss.

Scientists are currently working on a new ‘ninja’ drug to stop Alzheimer’s in its tracks
But unlike other potential treatments, the new method does not have damaging side-effects.

Gene Williams, of proMIS — the Canadian firm behind the drug — said: “This antibody is like a ninja. It comes in and targets only the toxic parts.

“The brain has an amazing rewiring, restoring, regenerative capacity.

“So if you tip the balance back and stop the process [that kills brain cells], you give the brain’s systems a chance to kick in and work. In the early stages, you could see a reversal of symptoms.”

The drug — PMN310 antibody — works by neutralising harmful proteins so the brain can clear them out naturally.

Its success on mice means it will now be trialled in humans. If successful, it could become available in 2025.

The therapy targets toxic proteins which damage the brain – but without causing unpleasant side-effects

If successful the drug could be readily available by 2025
Around 850,000 Brits have dementia, and the figure is expected to hit one million within a decade.

There is currently no cure but some drugs can control the symptoms.

Dr Doug Brown, of the Alzheimer’s Society, said: “The disease results from the build-up of two proteins, toxic tangles inside of the cell and amyloid plaques outside of it.

“This promising drug removes amyloid proteins that develop before they become plaques.”


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