Sack Esther McVey ( Petition )

Sack Esther McVey from recently appointed post as the Department of Work and Pensions secretary.

Why is this important?

As Employment Minister Esther McVey seemed to take great delight when introducing new guidelines which lead to benefit sanctions such as when a claimant does not accept ‘zero hour contracts’ the DWP has the right to impose benefit sanctions Desperately needed benefits have being axed because a claimant is minutes late for an appointment or other spurious reasons such as recieving Job centre appointment letters on or after the day of appointment.

I’ve been contacted by 38 Degrees due to lots of people making unacceptable comments they’ve had to turn off the comment function. We have strength in numbers and the FACTS of McVey’s voting record and actions are enough to comment on here.

Please do not swear, make threats or cruel comments, we are all very very upset- heck I’m so upset I started this petition! Yes I’m angry, Obviously I can’t take responsibility for other people’s actions, but I certainly don’t condone negative behavior, written or otherwise.
I’m disabled myself, this petition was meant to give people hope, a visual representation of numbers of support for those of us who’ve woken to this frightening news today.

We can fight this together, united disabled and non disabled, claimants or those in work, all together.
Be the better person and don’t put yourself at risk by writing unacceptable comments online over this Minister, she’s not worth it.

Let’s DO this! Strength in Unity!


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