Passenger Assist Multi-platform app

Northgate Public Services are providers of technology solutions and services for human resources management. They came to us looking to improve on their existing Passenger Assist mobile website.

This site allowed train staff at various Train Operating Companies (TOCs) to search for disabled passengers, and learn more about their needs in order to provide assistance efficiently.

TOC staff were using BlackBerry smartphones to log into Passenger Assist through the BlackBerry browser. As the smartphone market has diversified, and new devices have come to market, it became clear to Northgate that making Passenger Assist available on a wider range of mobile operating systems could greatly enhance the usability of their system.

Univers Labs worked closely with Northgate and the Association of Train Operating Companies to build on the foundations of Passenger Assist. Developing the app using the PhoneGap framework allowed us to build just once but deploy for iOS, Android and Blackberry (with the option of extending to Windows Mobile). Once developed, we used our in-house app distribution system, ‘Circulus’, to make branded versions of the app available to all registered Train Operating Companies.

Researching end user requirements and bringing our design skills to bear on the problem allowed us to create a fresh interface informed by the very latest trends in UI and UX design. The combination of greater compatibility and improved usability is aimed at making Passenger Assist a reliable product that lasts.


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