NHS trust offers nurses and mental health carers free counselling to get over the referendum vote


Memorial Hospital, in south-east London, which is part of Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust

Trust says they are  committed to ensuring that all members of staff are treated with dignity and respect wherever they work, free from undue stress and anxiety.

‘There is likely to be a period of uncertainty for some time following referendum result, but we want to reassure staff that we are here to help and support you.’

The workforce of around 3,500 people were told they could access the free counselling service offering confidential advice and support 24 hours a day.

Ukip MEP Jane Collins said the decision to offer counselling was ‘an insult to democracy and an insult to people who expect their NHS to deliver healthcare for sick people not those having referendum-related tantrums’.

‘People upset by a referendum result should not be offered a free counselling service when there are people with genuine mental health care needs who are on a waiting list for treatment,’ she said.

Ukip MEP Jane Collins said the decision to offer counselling was ‘an insult to democracy’

‘Is this NHS trust seriously suggesting that people who believe in democracy will start attacking staff, or that their own staff need therapy to cope with the results of an election that the establishment can’t get its head around?

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