NHS tax on visitors, staff and the disabled is sick

The NHS made £174m from car parking charges last year, and even charged hospital staff
Last year it made an unbelievable £174million from car parking charges, a figure that would be scandalous enough if it affected patients and visitors but which even includes its own staff.

Nor do they stop there – they also charge the disabled.

Aneurin Bevan, founder of the NHS, must be spinning in his grave.

Hospitals, by their very definition, are places where people are at their most desperate and vulnerable, and they need to be treated with special care.

This extends to the circumstances surrounding their visit.

It is enough to worry about a potentially debilitating illness, without having concerns about how to pay for the visit added to the mix.





The Lib Dems described the parking charges at NHS hospitals as a ‘tax on sickness’
Many people have to come from afar for their appointments.

If they are kept in, family and friends might need to travel for miles to see them.

If they are kept in for long periods, that is going to ramp up their parking costs.

The NHS is not a business. It does not exist to make money (although it’s certainly never slow to ask for it).

For once the Lib Dems have found the right term to describe this: a “tax on sickness”. That is exactly what it is. For shame, NHS.

Source: https://www.express.co.uk/comment/expresscomment/897259/NHS-visitor-sickness-tax-parking-hospitals-Prince-Harry-Brexit-express-comment

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