Mum ‘forced to leave pub’ after customers complained her autistic son was too loud

Kayla Lucas, 28, says she was told ‘this isn’t a nursery’ when her four-year-old son disturbed diners at a pub in Brecon

A mother says she was forced to leave a pub after diners complained her autistic son was screaming too loudly.

Kayla Lucas, 28, says she was told by a barman ‘this isn’t a nursery’ after complaints about four-year-old son Frankie’s behaviour.

The young mother said her son had been playing with friends at the Markets Tavern in Brecon, mid-Wales.

Kayla has called for better autismawareness as other pub-goers failed to recognise Frankie’s condition.

Kayla said: “Frankie loves it there as he is able to run around and likes to play with the pool tables and my friend’s kids were there but he got just a bit overawed and started screaming and shouting.

Kayla with autistic son Frankie (Image: WALES NEWS SERVICE)

“I tried my best to control him but the man behind the bar screamed down to us ‘this isn’t a nursery, it’s a pub. I’m not having this’.”

She said she had earlier been in another pub in her hometown but was forced to leave for similar reasons.

She explained: “People were giving us looks and I think people don’t understand autism and there needs to be more awareness.

“I feel like I can’t go to town because of my son’s condition and that people don’t understand when they see him screaming.

Diners complained Frankie being too loud at the pub, says Kayla (Image: WALES NEWS SERVICE)

“It’s not a tantrum, this is his condition. Frankie wasn’t being violent, he was just stamping his feet and being quite loud and we did try to explain he was autistic.”

Wayne Funnell, the landlord at Markets Tavern, said: “There were boys running around making a noise.

“Two people got up and said the food was lovely but were unhappy about the noise.

“One of the women did say ‘you don’t understand he’s got learning difficulties’ and I said I’ve got customers to think of.”


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  1. I’m with the pub on this and I’m autistic.
    Pubs are not play areas. People are dining and people take playing pool seriously. I used to play for a league. If your kids aren’t actively playing pool then they need to be kept away from the tables. As for the noise I can understand why the diners were upset. As an autistic adult I know when I’m having a sensory overload and can walk out of that situation to calm down, as the parent of a clearly overloaded child you need to take responsibility and take him somewhere where he can also go and calm down.

  2. What an outrageous thing to happen and to be told. It’s mafd
    It should not happen.
    And everywhere in the country people should know and recognise autism.
    However as a mother of two autistic sons, I must say pubs aren’t the place to take your autistic child. She wants the pub to be aware of autism. But as a mother she also has that duty. A duty to protect her child. And know about sensory overload a pub full of people eating and drinking, laud music. It’s totally the wrong place for a child with autism who screams to be at.
    She needs to get her child in an inviroment
    Where there’s as little as possible of stimuli She takesbhim to a pub Sorry. Wrong action from the pub and he’s response. But certainly worse from mum. But hey she is young and starting this autism journey. And she will learn. Yes pub and the public needs education in autism. But parents do t take your child to where you know he she will have a meltdown. I have been an autism mum for 24 years. And 11 years
    My two boys each have different needs. But places that will overload them I always avoid. Not saying she should not go to a pub but when you have a child with autism you think of their needs. Not ours.

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