A mum was bitten by this creature in Kent and was left with an incurable disease

Lorraine Damonte contracted Lyme Disease after being bitten by a tick in her Sevenoaks garden

A mum who was bitten by a tick in her Sevenoaks garden and was left with an incurable disease said she wants to educate people to ‘stop the suffering’.

Lorraine Damonte, 46, suffered the bite back in 2006 – and it took until 2009 until she was diagnosed.

She explained: “I was constantly feeling ill, and the doctors would say I had bronchitis or laryngitis. I was on and off short courses of antibiotics all of the time.

“I was in a lot of pain with my joints, knees, hips and bones, and I felt sick to my stomach with constant headaches.”

When Lorraine was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in 2009 she thought her time of ill health would be over – however, she was shocked to find that there is no cure.

Lorraine went through years of antibiotics courses, and chelation treatment to deal with the overburden of mercury and lead which had built up inside her body.

Speaking of her years of treatment, she said: “The symptoms were terrifying – every muscle, bone and organ hurt, constantly twitching, muscle spasms, left sided numbness with the feeling I was going to have a stroke daily.

“I became a shadow of myself, a robot functioning to manage the pain. I would cry myself to sleep, praying I would still be alive in the morning as I had two young daughters to care for.”

Ticks which had previously bitten a deer could then pass Lyme Disease on to humans. (Image: Getty Images)
Lyme Disease can be spread when a tick who has previously bitten a deer, then bites a human. The tick acts as a carrier of the disease.

Lorraine lives near to Shoreham Woods, which is where she believes the tick originated from.

Insidious illness

Treatment for the disease is controversial, and the topic of debate within the medical community.

While some believe the disease is easily treatable, others believe it is an insidious, long term illness.

A spokesman for Lyme Disease UK, a voluntary not-for-profit organisation, explained: “As many NHS doctors do not tend to recognise chronic Lyme Disease, patients who are still unwell after receiving a short course of treatment are usually forced to seek private or alternative treatment.

“As there are so few Lyme literate practitioners in the UK, this often involves trips abroad.

“There is also the issue of patients who were never treated during the onset of their illness and who have been misdiagnosed with other conditions.”

Pain management

Lorraine is now largely pain free. She uses a Royal Rife machine, which transmits frequencies thought to reverse changes in the body’s cells caused by disease.

She also frequently uses an infrared sauna, which claims to remove toxins in the body, to manage her pain.

Lorraine decided that the best way she could spread awareness of the dangers of tick bites was to write educational children’s books about the dangers of being bitten by ticks.

Lorraine’s latest book, Spot the Tick…in England is available to purchase online
She explained: “I had always wanted to write children’s books, but my Lyme Disease got in the way. When I recovered I got back to it.”

In her most recent second book, Spot the Tick…in England, the reader takes a tour of UK landmarks, and children can spot the tick hidden amongst the artwork on each page.

At the end of the book, there is advice for parents or teachers on the correct removal of a tick and a guide to what should be done in the event of being bitten.

This book is a follow-up to her first book, Spot the Tick…in Barbados. They are available on Amazon and on the Waterstones website.

Lorraine said: “My wish is to stop the suffering. Lyme Disease is real and we need to take measures to prevent long term illness.”

Source: http://www.kentlive.news/news/health/mum-bitten-creature-kent-left-576314

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