Millions of holidaymakers risk facing huge medical bills as SEVEN MILLION EHIC cards expire this year

Britain’s vote to leave the European Union is expected to trigger a rush in new applications for special health insurance cards that entitle travellers to discounted medical bills on the continent.

According to data obtained by This Is Money, seven millionEuropean Health Insurance Card (EHIC) cards are due to expire this year. If caught out, tourists will have to pay more in medical bills than expected.

This further adds to the worries of UK citizens who fear Brexit could mean the loss of cheaper medical bills abroad.


When in the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland, EHIC cards enable the holder to receive emergency medical care at the same cost and standard as state-provided care in the country.

According to the NHS, this means cardholders receive treatment “at a reduced cost or, in many cases, for free.”

After submitting a freedom of information request to the NHS business services authority, This Is Money revealed that 7,196,592 EHIC cards are set to expire this year.

The number expiring this year is unprecedented and marks an increase of 66% when compared with 2015.

Last year 4,333,892 cards expired, whilst only 2,797,576 expired in 2014. However, data is only stored for two years and This Is Money warned: “This wasn’t reflective of the whole of that year”.

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