Meeting held to discuss Guernsey disability strategy

A public hearing to look at the progress on Guernsey’s Disability and Inclusion Strategy will take place today.

The meeting will feature representatives from the Policy & Resources Committee, the Committee for Employment & Social Security and the Guernsey Disability Alliance, together with the States ‘Disability Champion’, Deputy Sarah Hansmann-Rouxel.

The event panel will comprise Deputy Chris Green (Chair), Deputy Peter Roffey and Non-States Member Advocate Peter Harwood.

This public hearing is an opportunity to examine the degree of progress being made on the Disability & Inclusion Strategy by the key Government Committees together with relevant third party organisations.

– Deputy Chris Green, President of the Scrutiny Management Committee

It will be held at St Martins Community Centre at 2pm, and members of the public are welcome to attend to observe but not ask questions.


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