Medical Re-assessment Process – Your stories and experiences

These re-assessment processes it is without question cause substantial anxiety for people having to go through the process, this regrettably like anything it is the minority of folk who try to cheat the system, to live on low income quite frankly it is implausible to think people would want to live on this for longer than is required however people do.

It is therefore the more genuine people to whom we should be worried about who do appear to fall through the net through to circumstances, this really is so sad when this can end up with so many people without them even getting to the appointment committing suicide, this is reality so they need to think of the impacts and how they engage with people through this process without further time frames, if money is going to be cut the impacts this can have on a vulnerable person’s day to day activities.

If you have had to go through this process please share your story, again please email me

Which provider was this with?

Which part of the country are you from?

Were you given a time and date that would be suitable for your disability or circumstances?

Were you given an opportunity to take anyone with you or did they help find an advocate for you if this was difficult to facilitate in time?

How did you feel regarding attending an appointment?

How did you feel about waiting for the outcome of the re-assessment?

Anything you feel would be helpful, to then get the feedback of the provider to raise issues nationally how well these are being handled and to campaign for better quality of services delivered to the most vulnerable in our society.

Updated 28th June 2016

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