Man with Parkinson’s who was mistaken by bar staff for being drunk is raising awareness of issue with fundraiser disco

A PARKINSON’S sufferer from Cirencester who was refused service at a pub last year because staff thought he was drunk is helping to beat the stigma of the disease by holding a fundraising and awareness night at the Bingham Hall.

Dave Trinder, 59, was enjoying an evening out with friends in October 2016 when he was knocked off balance and stumbled while in a bar in Cirencester.

Staff mistook Dave’s condition for being drunk and refused to serve him but he turned the traumatic experience into something positive by holding a fundraiser with live music and a charity raffle, which included prizes donated by various people included a signed Gloucester rugby shirt, professional accounting advice, spa vouchers and a vintage bottle of wine.

Dave is now hosting his second evening at the Bingham Hall and he is asking Cotswold businesses to help come forward with raffle prizes.

Dave said: “I am again holding a Parkinson’s fundraising evening to raise awareness of people prejudging others who may look intoxicated or on drugs but actually have a neurological illness.

“I still get ridiculed occasionally when walking sober with shouts of ‘I’ll have a pint of whatever he’s drinking.’

“I face up each time with a reply of ‘I don’t think you’d like a pint of Parkinson’s.’”

Last year’s event raised £4,700 smashing his original target of £2,500.

This year’s fundraiser, which is being sponsored by Evolution Fitness South Cerney, takes place at the Bingham Hall on Saturday, September 23 from 7.30pm with a 70s/80s theme including live music from Big Kahuna Shaker, Mothers Ruin and Sophia Bovell.

Tickets cost £10 with money raised going to Parkinson’s UK, to purchase email


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