Man fined £60 for inputting wrong registration number at town car park

Bob Jones decided against appealing the parking charge

A man has been fined £60 for accidentally inputting the wrong registration number at a car park – despite paying the fee for his stay.

Bob Jones is a regular visitor to Stone’sCrown Hotel car park and always makes sure to pay whenever he uses it.

The car park has been fitted out with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras and related signage by parking company, Smart Parking.

But on a recent visit, Bob, of Stone, made a mistake when entering his car’s registration number while paying for his ticket.


And despite the company not being out of pocket, Bob still received a parking charge through the post.

Bob revealed he decided against appealing the fine for fear of seeing it escalate to £100.

Writing to StokeonTrentLive, he said: “As a very regular user of the car park, probably hundreds of times over the years, I have always been fastidious in paying.

The Crown Hotel car park in Stone is now operated by Smart Parking
The Crown Hotel car park in Stone is now operated by Smart Parking (Image: Stoke Sentinel)

“It appears on this occasion I may have entered an incorrect registration number into the new-style parking machine.

“But it seems, despite no loss being incurred by the landlord of the car park, a parking charge is still levied as if I had not paid.

“Whilst the mistake may well have been mine, paying £60 as a penalty for clumsy fingers and ever ageing eyes seems very unfair.

“I wonder over the years how much I have overpaid in the car park for the time I haven’t used, despite paying the full hourly charge. Regrettably, loyalty of custom means nothing in this case.


“Rather than appeal the charge, I have accepted the initial fine, as, apparently do most other motorists who also face the same circumstances, rather than see the charge escalate to £100.

“I would recommend that anyone using the car park double checks the printed ticket and keeps that ticket for a while just in case car park operators issue a charge for a simple error.

Smart parking signs and cameras at the Crown Hotel in Stone have been denied planning permission again

“I sympathise with members of the public who may, for instance, have dyslexia or find pushing very small metal buttons a difficult task due to age or mobility issues, as they are easy prey.

“My advice to others is to be careful or, as I will from now on, steer clear of such car parks. The Crown Hotel car park and Stone High Street will ultimately lose out as I go elsewhere.”


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