Man with cerebral palsy set to complete London marathon

An man with cerebral palsy still walking the London marathon has been hailed an inspiration.

Patrick Barden, 24, has been steadily walking the course since he started on Sunday, doing around five miles each day with the help of a frame.

Covering 26.2 miles is enough of a challenge without a disability, but it’s even harder when you have problems with mobility and balance.

‘Slowly but surely I am making my way around,’ Pat said, posting photos on Twitter.

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Another day done! Slowly but surely I am making my way around the London Marathon route.

‘I know it will be tough and because of my CP it’s important for me to continue walking so that my muscles don’t seize up,’ Pat said on his fundraising page.

‘Also, my energy stores deplete quicker, so lots of cake is needed!

‘But at the end of the day it’s a marathon, everyone finds them tough and I’m not one to give in easily!’

He had some company on the route from another competitor still going, Tom Harrison – AKA Mr Gorilla – who described meeting him as ‘yesterday’s highlight’.

Yesterday’s highlight-meeting Patrick Barden @PaddyB08 doing the marathon in aid of people with Cerebral Palsy. Amazing!

Pat, from Shorne in Kent, has been working with a personal trainer since November to prepare for the challenge.

He passed his driving test first time, studied Football Coaching at uni and is now a trustee of Step and Learn, the cerebral palsy charity which he says helped him become as independent as he is.

So far, he has raised over £3,000.

Rod Black, the charity’s founder, told ‘He is a great ambassador for our charity having already done a parachute jump prior to the marathon.

‘Above all he is a great inspiration for the parents that now attend our centre with their children, currently totalling 50 and still growing in numbers.’
Visit his fundraising page here.

Source: Man with cerebral palsy set to complete London marathon – Metro

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