Kerry and Hammond have spoken about Brexit


The Secretary of State John Kerry has spoken to British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond regarding the referendum in the United Kingdom, in which voters decided to exit the European Union, the State Department announced.
“The citizens of the UK have made their decision, and we will of course respect it,” Kerry said in the department announcement.
“I want to emphasize that although the UK will be leaving the European Union, the British are in no way departing from the principles and values that under-gird the Transatlantic Partnership or from the important role the UK plays in promoting peace and stability in the world,” Kerry said. “The special relationship that has long existed between the United States and the UK endures.” “Our two countries remain strong and vigilant NATO Allies, permanent members of the UN Security Council, commercial partners and close friends,” he said.
“I also want to reaffirm the US commitment to the European Union and the common agenda we share with Europe on such issues as Ukraine, nuclear non-proliferation, climate change, trade and human rights,” Kerry said.
“One thing that will absolutely not change in the years ahead is America’s strong support for all our European friends and for a Euro-Atlantic relationship based on mutual support for democracy, a commitment to peace and the rule of law.”

Source: KUNA


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