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There are many websites as well as pages on social media, facebook especially regarding people’s different experiences on Job Centre Plus however I would like to gather stories to place on this website, if you would like to share you story please email me, these will be included however I would like to see a national website whereby there is similar to what occurs within the NHS called Patient Opinion.

If such a website with stories were to be set up more nationally then this could mean that Job Centre Plus would respond to stories placed on this website in order to hold them more to account.

This would give a balanced view of how Job Centre Plus are treating customers within the United Kingdom.

You can give feedback on some of the following factors:

Attitudes and behaviours of staff towards customers.

Ability to understand the issues you face and to provide satisfactory assistance.

The Job Centre to which this relates to, this is important to see if Job Centres across the country are providing good or poor service which can be used to provide independent evidence to senior managers within the Department of Work and Pensions.

How helpful are staff at taking messages if your advisor is unavailable?

If staff cannot help how willing are they to facilitate meetings to other providers so you have a smooth transition to receiving support without any gaps?

Do you believe staff have knowingly breached the Data Protection Act 1998 or the Equality Act 2010 if you have a disability?

Do you believe staff have harassed you or behaved in a manner which could be interpreted as misconduct in a public office?

Have staff caused you upset or distress in the course of their duties towards you or threatened you in any way?

Have staff stopped your benefits to which you feel has been unfair or unreasonable?

Has Job Centre Plus taken legal action against you to which you feel was disproportionate?

Any other matter to which this should be placed in the public domain to hold them to account, of course if they have provided a good service although I am not anticipating many this would be nice to hear.

Updated 28th June 2016

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