Hero dog alerted emergency services when disabled owner was left in agony after collapsing

Michelle Troughton-Webb with hero pooch Jaden (Image: Julian Hamilton/Daily Mirror)
He is only nine inches tall but this little dog leapt into action to save his collapsed owner.

As Michelle Troughton-Webb, 43, lay in agony on the floor of a disabled toilet, year-old Jaden knew exactly what to do.

He yanked the emergency cord and sounded the alarm – just the way Michelle had taught him.

Moments later an ambulance was dispatched to help Michelle and ferry her to hospital .

Jaden has been trained to pull an emergency cord (Image: Julian Hamilton/Daily Mirror)
Back at home, she said: “He is amazing. He is my hero.”

Mum-of-three Michelle has spinal problems and uses an ­electric wheelchair and crutches. Her condition means she loses her footing and collapses in pain.

Mum-of-three Michelle suffers from spinal problems (Image: Julian Hamilton/Daily Mirror)
Michelle had travelled to Blackpool, Lancs, with her Rock Choir group last month to meet up with hundreds of choristers for the Big Sing event.

When she went to use the loo with Jaden at the Tower Ballroom she fell and her back went into spasm. She was in too much pain to cry for help. She said: “He went straight to the cord. Thankfully somebody opened the door.”

Michelle’s back went into spasm after she fell over (Image: Julian Hamilton/Daily Mirror)
Michelle, a widow from Ilkley, West Yorks, began training her Shih Tzu Lhasa Apso cross to be an “assistance dog” after spotting his potential.

She said: “My daughter bought him for me to keep me company.

Michelle’s daughter bought Jaden for her to keep her company (Image: Julian Hamilton/Daily Mirror)
“I started noticing if I fell he would sit by my head and bark. He can also pick things up at home, but it is a work in progress.

“He will bring me my mail, although we don’t always get it intact, but he is still only a puppy.”

Source: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/hero-dog-alerted-emergency-services-11501740

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