Essential oils for fibromyalgia: Can lavender oil help?

Essential oils are growing in popularity, and many fibromyalgia patients are trying them to find relief. If you are curious about lavender oil, then consider the following research.

As fibromyalgia patients continue to search for relief from the pain and fatigue, they are turning to alternative treatments such as essential oils. Lavender oil is one of the most popular options. Research studies have focused on the medicinal properties of lavender, and some fibromyalgia patients report an improvement in symptoms after using this type of oil.

Essential oils for fibromyalgia

Lavender is one of the essential oils for fibromyalgia you may want to consider trying. First, you should consult your doctor to make sure essential oils will not interfere with any other treatments or medications you are using. Second, you want to start with a small amount of essential oil and make sure you are not reacting to it. Third, keep in mind that although essential oils can have antimicrobial properties, they are for external use and should not be ingested.

Lavender oil research

Several studies have looked at the potential health benefits of using lavender oil. One study found that a combination of lavender oil with other herbs affects the electrical activity of the brain in a positive way. Study participants who used the oil and herb combination were able to cope with stress better.

Other studies have found that lavender oil can help wound healing and collagen synthesis. Lavender oil also has calming abilities. In addition, it is linked to decreasing stress, better sleep and reducing anxiety. This essential oil creates a relaxing atmosphere that can soothe you.

Lavender essential oils for fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia patients often try multiple herbal remedies to fight pain, fatigue and other symptoms. Lavender is one of the essential oils for fibromyalgia that many patients prefer to use. Pain and body aches are common problems, and some have found relief by using lavender oil and combining it with peppermint or other herbs.

Sleep problems and insomnia are also common among fibromyalgia patients. Lavender can help you relax and decrease stress, so you sleep better. It can also help fight anxiety. Some patients report that their headaches decreased after using lavender oil on a regular basis.

How to use lavender essential oils for fibromyalgia

Essential oils are versatile, so you can use them multiple ways. You may want to try adding a few drops of lavender essential oil to a pillowcase for better sleep at night. You can also add this oil to a bath for relaxation. Some fibromyalgia patients prefer to create potpourri and satchels with lavender oil, so they can enjoy the scent. You can also add lavender essential oil to creams and lotions because it can help dry skin.

Whether you decide to simply enjoy the aroma of essential oils or add them to a bath, lavender should be on your list. Several studies support the use of this oil, and fibromyalgia patients have benefited from it.

Source: Essential oils for fibromyalgia: Can lavender oil help? – eMaxHealth

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