Mum fighting back after her seriously ill son’s disability benefits were taken away


Wendy Mesure is ready to fight for her son, who has Addison’s disease and type 1 diabetes, to have his PIP reinstated.
A desperate mum says she will demonstrate outside the Houses of Parliament if necessary to fight for her son’s disability benefits.

Single parent Wendy Mesure, 48, says she has had to take a new job as well as payday loans to help pay for the care of her son Charlie Swift after his Personal Independence Payments (PIP) were cut.

Charlie, 25, has both Addison’s disease and Type 1 diabetes, which means stress can cause him to be hospitalised, or even stop his heart completely, says Wendy.

She said: “He doesn’t leave his room, he can’t interact with people he doesn’t know, he sleeps for 15 hours a day and his steroids make him see things and repeat himself.”

Following an assessment of Charlie in March, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) said that he didn’t qualify for the daily living allowance component of PIP and that he should receive just £22 per week which is the lower rate of mobility benefit.

That’s despite a long appeals process after which a court ruled last year that Charlie should be awarded the lower rate for both components.

Mum Wendy, a gas engineer, who lives with her son at Andover Close, Epsom, said Charlie had ended up being hospitalised three times in one week due to the stress and that and she had been forced to take a new job with longer hours to afford his upkeep.

She said: “It doesn’t affect the assessors’ lives, but it hits mine like a ton of bricks. I’m using payday loans to keep up.

“I’m a fighter. I’m knackered and I’m tired, but I will be outside the Houses of Parliament with a banner if I have to be.

“I’m sick and tired of this government not giving us the help. I think it’s disgusting.”

A DWP spokeswoman said: “Decisions for PIP are made following consideration of all the information provided by the claimant, including supporting evidence from their GP or medical specialist.

“Anyone that disagrees with a decision can appeal.”

The family is appealing for his PIP to be reinstated, backed by a letter expressing the “full support” of Mr Swift’s doctor.

There is no date set for a hearing yet.


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