Drunk man left his disabled brother ‘covered in blood’ after assault

A MAN who launched two drunken assaults on his disabled half brother has been jailed.

Daniel Lee punched and kicked Rossi Sprules, who suffers from cerebral palsy, in separate attacks in his own home after nights on the town.

After hearing that the 32-year-old has a history of offending and failing to comply with community orders a judge imposed an 88-week jail term.

Lee, of Bake House Close, Chippenham, admitted two counts of actual bodily harm.

Tessa Hingston, prosecuting, told Swindon Crown Court the first incident took place at Mr Sprules’ home in Chippenham, on September 1 last year.

He was watching football on TV at about 9.30pm when the defendant, who had clearly been drinking, came in through his unlocked front door.

She said he started to accuse his victim of owing him £8 and as they argued Mr Sprules threw his mobile at him, telling him to sell it to raise the cash.

Miss Hingston said Lee then set about his disabled brother, punching him to the ground where he rained kicks on him, leaving him covered in blood.

Three months later the pair reconciled and went out drinking together.

When they got back to the victim’s home in the early hours of December 2 Lee refused to leave the property and they argued again.

Lee started to film his victim on his mobile phone as he was shouting abuse at him and after Mr Sprules tried to push it away Lee punched and kicked him, continuing when police arrived at the scene.

Andrew Stone, defending, said while on both occasions his client felt provoked by his half brother starting it, he accepted he went too far in retaliation.

He said that he had been drinking both times and there were clearly issues between the two of them and arguments generally started when they went out together.

Since the second offence he said that Lee had stayed off alcohol as he was ashamed of what it did to him and how it made him behave.

He said he lives with his partner and her daughter, had an offer of work and been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.

Jailing Lee, Judge Tim Mousley QC said “Putting it shortly you seem to be someone who can’t hold their drink and when you are drunk you readily resort to this sort of behaviour.

“I can’t suspend it, this is not a single isolated incident of violence. The sentence I will pass on you will be a short one.

“The serious aggravating feature is that you repeated this and the second offence was within a fairly short time of the first, and it is quite plain you hadn’t learned your lesson from the first incident of violence.

“In the sober light of day you are quite remorseful for what you did. There are perhaps signs that you are beginning to learn your lesson.”

Source: http://www.gazetteandherald.co.uk/news/15904445.Drunk_man_left_his_disabled_brother___39_covered_in_blood__39__after_assault/

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