Disabled man reportedly battered outside Skydome as aunt pleads: ‘Find these

Two thug brothers reportedly battered a disabled man outside Coventry Skydome.

The aunt of the victim, who has a rare chromosome disorder and learning difficulties, posted on Facebook that her nephew was knocked unconscious in the attack.

Rachel Nally’s post has been shared hundreds of times of the social media platform.

“He has a rare chromosome disorder and it’s obvious when you speak to him that he has learning difficulties, he likes to go looking for scrap in the night and had found himself a bike.

“They were laughing at him, so he told them to p*** off but he then apologised, and these two brothers, one with ginger hair, tore into him.

“He’s scared now to go out.

“He’s a harmless kid, if you know anything about this pair of big hard men or spotted it around 12 last night [Friday] give me a shout.

“I’m just waiting for the CCTV.”

Source: http://www.coventrytelegraph.net/news/coventry-skydome-attack-disabled-man-13343809

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