Disabled man battling polio scales burning building to save pregnant woman trapped on third floor

A disabled man suffering from polio heroically scaled the side of a burning building to rescue a woman trapped on the third floor.

The woman was trapped in her home and screaming for help when Ren Liubin rushed to her aid.

Using his bare hands to climb the building and get onto the woman’s balcony, Ren then cut off the metal bars across her window.

The mum-of-two was then able to flee her burning home while firefighters hailed Ren a hero.

The man gave no thought to his own safety as he scaled the building to rescue the woman (Image: Newsflare)

The blaze is believed to have started on the second floor of the residential building on Xinmi, Zhengzhou, of Henan Province, in China.

The woman, who was also pregnant, had inhaled smoke from the blaze.

Firefighters were called to the scene and managed to get the inferno under control but could not free the woman.

Footage captured on a mobile phones shows the moment Ren manages to pull the mum to safety.


The woman was passed safely to firefighters (Image: Newsflare)

A huge crowd had gathered to watch Ren’s heroic actions (Image: Newsflare)

Ren told a reporter from the People’s Daily Online : “The situation was quite urgent, but I believed my years of experience of fixing cables, so it wouldn’t be difficult to climb a few floors up.

“The firefighters passed me a hydraulic plier to remove the metal grille and I dragged the woman out.”

An initial report claims the fire was started by old electric cables.


Source: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/disabled-man-battling-polio-scales-11855888

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