Disabled man, 32, who needs round-the-clock care ‘hid zoom-in cameras around his home before filming his live-in carers getting dressed, going to the toilet and shaving their pubic hair’

Farhan Mian is on trial accused of spying on his carers through hidden cameras in his home for sexual gratification
A disabled man in a wheelchair hid cameras around his home to film a carer shaving her pubic hair, a court heard.

Farhan Mian, 32, who suffered from muscular dystrophy and uses breathing apparatus, allegedly made secret videos of three workers at his home in west London.

Mian, who required round the clock care, placed cameras he could control from his computer in the bathroom and bedroom of the house where the nurses lived with him.

Some of the cameras were concealed in the eyes of rabbits painted on a bed headboard, Isleworth Crown Court heard.

Another camera was focused on the bathroom and film has been recovered showing one of the carers shaving her public hair.

Opening the case, prosecutor Tim Starkey said: ‘Mr Farhan Mian is a severely disabled male who requires 24 hour care.

‘He is accused of using cameras installed in the bathroom and carers bedroom to watch his female carers without their clothes on and carrying out private acts such as going to the toilet or shaving their legs or [pubic hair].

‘The prosecution case is that he did this for his own sexual gratification.’

Mian’s lawyer claims one woman consented to the cameras and another was for security
The footage was captured from two cameras, one installed in the carers bedroom and one in the bathroom.

They could be controlled by Mian’s computer and were capable of swivelling 360 degrees with ‘zoom in’ capabilities.

One carer told how Mian had redecorated her room pink with the rabbits or bunnies painted on the bed’s headboard, while she was away on holiday in June 2011.

She told jurors her world ‘turned upside down’ when she discovered cameras placed in the eyeholes of the bunnies, directly above her head.

Mian then allegedly offered her £3,000 to ‘keep her mouth shout’ after she threatened to call the police.

‘My sister-in-law discovered I had cameras in my bedroom in the headboard. They were just above my head,’ she told the court.

‘The cameras were going through the bunnies eyes. The bunnies were painted on the headboard.’

When she asked what they were Mian said they were ‘ventilation for his computers’ in the cupboard behind her room.

The cameras were set up in Mian’s home in an apartment block in this west London street
‘I was so angry I pulled the board off the wall, and the cameras were hanging there,’ she recalled.

Police were called to his flat in 10 July 2011 following her discovery, but she decided not to provide a statement.

‘He apologised to me, saying I know I did wrong,’ she said.

Mian’s defence counsel, Graham Smith, said setting up the cameras was a consensual decision after they struck up a sexual relationship.

He told the court that Mian fell ‘passionately and madly’ in love with the carer.

‘You became sexually involved with him. You kissed him,’ Mian’s lawyer told the trial. ‘You were married. Your husband was back in Latvia, and you became fond of him.’

‘I came to do a job, not get involved with another man,’ she responded.

The unusual voyeurism case is being heard at Isleworth Crown Court in west London
Mian’s lawyer went on: ‘I’m suggesting you became involved with him sexually… the police came as the result of an argument between the two of you.

‘The argument that took place was about whether he could film or record you around the house.

‘He wanted to spend every waking moment with you be next to you, close to you all the time.

‘He asked you if he could film you and watch you on the cameras and you said yes.’

She responded: ‘No I did not.’

Another carer discovered the cameras for a second time in September 2015, with police later arresting Mian, the court heard.

He stated they were installed for security reasons after he was the victim of theft in 2014.

Mian, of Shepherd’s Bush, west London denies four counts of voyeurism. The trial continues.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5039707/Disabled-man-spied-carers-hidden-cameras.html

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