Cruel ‘bullies’ chase disabled friends and pelt them with stones in terrifying Bransholme attack

Two friends with learning difficulties have spoken of their terror after being chased and pelted with stones by vile youths in Bransholme in an alleged “hate crime” attack.

Chris Johnson, 43, and Heidi Fraser, 33, were targeted by two boys and a girl who began abusing the pair outside Nisa in Wawne Road on Monday night.

Mrs Fraser, a mum-of-two, was then hit in the face by a rock as the pair fled to her house in Bossington Close.

However, their young attackers followed them before lobbing stones at her home in front of her traumatised young child.

How the shocking attack unfolded

Chris and Heidi believe they were targeted because of their learning disabilities (Image: Jerome Ellerby)

She said: “They followed us from the shops and shouted things like ‘Bang, we are going to get you’ to Chris. We thought nothing of it but then they started throwing stones and a rock hit my face which really shook me up.

“We got to Cleeve School and they were right behind us. They called me a ‘slag’ and I phoned my bloke up and said ‘ring the police’.”

After fleeing to what they thought was safety, Mrs Fraser’s wheelchair-bound husband Michael, 64, opened the door only to be subjected to a horrific X-rated rant by a teenage girl.

“They tried to throw stones at him and this girl called him a ‘disabled f****** b******,’ which left my four-year-old traumatised.

“It made me feel so intimidated and now I just feel like I can’t even go to the shops without them targeting us.”

‘This was the last straw’

Chris had already been tormented by vicious teenage bullies but this was the final straw (Image: Jerome Ellerby)

Mr Johnson, who lives in a high-rise flat in Gatwick House, said he has been tormented by vicious bullies in the past few months.

He thinks they target his vulnerable nature – but the events of Monday night proved to be “the last straw”.

“I’ve got learning disabilities and I do tend to get bullied,” he said. “I might look a bit slow and I think they could be targeting me because of my disabilities.

“I find it hard to mix with people. I’m a quiet person and sometimes I have a bit of a twitch. I’ll also sometimes talk to myself without realising I am doing it.

“It’s left me scared and we had to run a little but because they were chasing us. I got out of breath because I am asthmatic and I have COPD but they still carried on even though they could see I was struggling to breathe.

“It makes me angry and upset and I wish they would go away. They just don’t care and I hope the police do something about it.”

‘They targeted us because of our learning disabilities’

Michael, pictured with his wife Heidi, called the police before he was subjected to horrific abuse(Image: Jerome Ellerby)

Mrs Fraser, who was left shocked and horrified by the abuse, also has learning difficulties and believes the mob of youngsters picked on them both after realising their vulnerabilities.

She said: “I don’t like bullies whatsoever. I’ve always stuck up for Chris as best as I can.

“It’s upsetting that they have targeted us because of that. They shouldn’t be going around doing it and they shouldn’t be out at 9pm on their own at night.

“It was disgusting what they said to us. When we were younger we wouldn’t dream of speaking to our parents like that.

“They need to think about their behaviour. They wouldn’t like it if they were in a similar situation.

“It is a hate crime because they targeted my husband’s disabilities as well as mine and Chris’ vulnerabilities.”

Police: ‘This is a possible hate crime’

Since the attack, police officers have been to Mrs Fraser’s house to reassure her and her husband.

The force has told the pair that the incident is being investigated as a possible hate crime and they are calling on the public to help identify the culprits.

A spokesman for Humberside Policesaid: “We are looking for two teenage boys and a teenage girl who were reported to have thrown stones and verbally abused a woman in Hull. The incident happened around 9pm on June 4, 2018, on Bossington Close.

“Some of the stones had hit the woman and she was left shaken. Officers have been to visit the victim as reassurance and to give her advice. The teenagers have been described as being between 11 and 15 years old. The girl was wearing a grey top and grey bottoms. The boys were wearing black coats and trousers.

“We are investigating this as a possible hate crime. If you know who these suspects are or have any information please call 101 quoting reference 16/61181/18.”


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