Council apologises after severely disabled man left without any care support

A DISABLED 44-year-old was left without an hour of his weekly care support.

On May 24, Martin Kent, of Barrow Hall Lane in Great Sankey, was informed by the council that Creative Support, the organisation he used for around 12 years, was unsuccessful in the council’s tender exercise.

The successful organisations were Community Integrated Care, Dimensions, MacIntyre and Warrington Community Living (WCL).

WBC told Martin’s family that WCL would be the ‘best provider’ of support and there will be ‘no break’ in his support.

However, since August 1, he has been left without one of his hour-long packages of help from care workers.

Martin, who has been disabled since birth, has spastic quadriplegia.

It is the most severe type of cerebral palsy and affects all four limbs.

Martin’s mum Anita said it has been a ‘horrendous’ time for the family following the changes.

She added: “We are being left without care as no one can accommodate him due to the staffing levels.

“WBC, who have caused this situation, are doing nothing to help.

“Since August 1 other families across Warrington have been in the same situation as us.

“People’s lives have been turned upside down and the stress to families is immense.

“The most vulnerable have been hit once again.

“He will also miss the sociable side and the people, the continuity with the care agency and its staff has helped – they are a good team.”

The authority has been working with health chiefs to ensure the new package, which will be funded by the NHS, is in place as soon as possible.

A WBC spokesman said: “We are very sorry for the issues this situation has caused Mr Kent and his family.

“We are aware of Mr Kent’s circumstances and both social care and health care commissioners are working together to ensure that a full package of continuing health care is in place as soon as possible.”

Michael Sheppard, chief executive of WCL, also issued a statement on the matter.

He said: “As a charitable organisation, WCL were pleased to be successful against strong regional and national competition in the recent WBC tender exercise to provide support to people with learning disabilities living in their own homes.

“It was at an early point in the transfer process in mid-June that WCL first became aware of Mr Kent when we were informed by WBC that we may be asked to take over his support.

“However, this was provisional in its nature, and his service was taken off our list by WBC on July 6 so, as a consequence, we have had no further contact with Mr Kent or his family.

“All of our available support team resources have been allocated to successfully commencing our service for the 17 people that it was agreed with WBC that we would support from August 1.”


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