Controversial benefits firm behind despised assessments changes name

Atos Healthcare, who carried out assessments on behalf of the DWP that affected vulnerable Scots’ benefits, are now called Independent Assessment Services.

The firm which carried out assessments on behalf of the DWP that led to some disabled Scots losing their benefits have changed their name.

Atos Healthcare, who previously carried out the work capability assessments for the Department for Work and Pensions, are now called Independent Assessment Services.

French-owned Atos had ditched their £500million Government contract after years of controversy.

The Daily Record was instrumental in having the tests scrapped, after lifting the lid on countless cases in which vulnerable people lost their benefits.

But Atos now look set to be paid more than £700million over five years, along with Capita, for the PIP contract.

The windfall comes despite DWP figures showing more than 160,000 people who were initially denied PIP have had the decision overturned since it launched in 2013.

Atos said this week: “Our new name better represents the work we do and explains that our role is to assess and process PIP cases.”

But user Benny Fitzpatrick said the inaccuracy of assessments and the “systematic fleecing of UK taxpayers” was the reason for the name change.

Another, Mike Hughes, added: “I’m sure we could all think of acronyms which better represent the “work” ATOS do.”


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