Clarks launch new shoe service to help kids with autism

Its Cheshire Oaks store has decided to introduce the scheme to help both children and parents

Shoe retailer Clarks is launching its shoe service which aims to help kids with autism at its Cheshire Oaks store.

The service which was originally rolled out across some stores earlier this year, has now been introduced to its outlet branch during the build-up for the new school term.

It will mean parents can visit a Clarks store at a relatively quiet time, which will help their little ones deal with the process.

Appointments for the one to one service can be booked in store with the quietest times between 9am-10am and 6pm-8pm.

Although, many Clarks’ stores are also promising to accommodate appointments outside of their usual weekday opening hours.

The scheme aims to offer parents a stress-free shopping experience.

Kenny Murray, centre manager for Cheshire Oaks, said: “We understand that back to school preparations can be stressful and these one to one appointment’s offered by Clarks allow parents and children to get ready for school, in a stress-free environment, which works for them.”

Clarks also offers a Foothealth Lab in its stores, which has a measuring area, making it easier to find the right pair of shoes.


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