Chrissy McGuinness won’t let her husband Paddy or twins see her cry after their autism diagnosis

Christine McGuinness has revealed how she’ll cope with the diagnosis (Picture: ITV/REX/Shutterstock)
Chrissy McGuinness and husband Paddy have revealed how they’ll stay strong after receiving the devastating news that their twins are autistic.

Speaking to The Mirror, the 29-year-old said that despite the tragic situation, she will never let her husband or her children see her cry.

The model is attempting to remain strong for her family’s sake in the wake of the news about twins Penelope and Leo.

Doctors only recently discovered the four-year-olds have autism, and McGuinness was initially vocal about her anger over the news.

In the exclusive interview, the former model said: ‘I never let my husband see me cry, that’s not going to help anyone.’

Paddy McGuinness with wife Christine who puts on a brave face for her children. (Picture: Getty Images)
She continued: ‘You always want to avoid the meltdowns. My mum helps most weekends but the biggest help has been through the nursery and the special education needs team.’
Despite her tough stance, Christine admits that she finds family life difficult, saying her and husband Paddy ‘will manage and be able to cope’ better when the twins start school.
In the meantime, Chrissy relaxes by finding time to exercise, which she says is her ‘therapy’.
In the interview she also revealed that her dedicated husband Paddy drives home through the night after filming sessions for Take Me Out in order to help as much as he can with family life.
The couple also have another daughter, ten-month-old Felicity.
Despite her brave outlook, Christine has said that counselling has been on the cards in order for the couple to move forward.
She said: ‘We have spoken about having counselling, it is a huge loss when your children are diagnosed with autism. You fear for their future.’
She continued: ‘All those things you have planned, family holidays, just sitting in a cafe, parties, Christmas. That does go.’
The couple had previously planned on having a large family, but Christine revealed that there’s enough on their plate with three kids given the diagnosis.
When the diagnosis was first revealed, Christine admitted that she was stunned that a doctor diagnosed such a serious condition in ‘a few hours’, however she came around to the news in time and has since described the twins’ doctor as ‘lovely’.
Paddy, 43, and Christine, 29, married in June 2011 and welcomed third child Felicity into the family in September 2016.


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