This human protein may unfurl toxic tangles in Alzheimer’s disease

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A human protein — called CyP40 — can untangle the neurodegenerative clumps that characterize Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, scientists reported Tuesday in the journal PLoS […]

Take brisk walk every 30 minutes to reduce risk of heart disease

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The study found that people who spend increasing time sitting are at an increased risk of serious health problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes or death […]


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IT STARTED WITH vomiting and a fever. But a few days later, five-month-old Liam was in the emergency room, his tiny body gripped by hourly […]

Teachers ‘locked boy, 8, in plywood box to calm him down’

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An Australian mother claims her eight-year-old autistic son was put in a plywood box by teachers to ‘calm him down’. Emily Dive, 28, is now […]

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The amazing double leg amputee who loves to swim

June 27, 2017 admin 0

A Plymouth boy who had to have his legs amputated as a toddler is about to take part in a mock swimming competition. Kacper Siwinski […]

Living with Motor Neurone Disease: The symptoms and signs of MND

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We find out more about the disease, how it can be treated, and what you can do to help sufferers:li What is Motor Neurone Disease? […]

Report reveals £12k a year cost of living with motor neurone disease

June 26, 2017 admin 0

The importance of Tony Hopper’s fundraising efforts for a motor neurone disease charity has been highlighted by a new report revealing the cost of living […]