Back pain? This vitamin could be natural way to relieve it

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BACK pain and osteoarthritis pain affect between 35 and 51 per cent of British adults, according to research. However, instead of traditional painkillers, consuming more […]

10 Natural Ways to Treat Fibromyalgia You Didn’t Know About

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Acupuncture Is perhaps the oldest pain management treatment. Using tiny needles, the practitioner stimulates specific parts of the body in order to provide pain relief […]

Fibromyalgia More Common in People with Certain Diseases, Study Finds

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An analysis of data from more than 3.5 million people showed that fibromyalgia is more common in patients with certain diseases such as type 2 […]

6 Things to Know About Using Medicinal Marijuana

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Using cannabis or marijuana for medicinal purposes is a hot topic right now among patients and health practitioners. It’s regularly touted as either a cure […]

Combining Drugs May Work Better in Fibromyalgia

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So far as pain disorders go, fibromyalgia (FM) ranks right up there in nastiness. Estimates vary, but the highest estimates put rates of disability in […]

Fibromyalgia Takes its Toll in People with Inflammatory Spine Disease

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Patients with the inflammatory disease axial spondyloarthritis, affecting the spine, often are affected by fibromyalgia, which worsens the impact of the disease on their quality […]

‘I’m too ill to fly’: PR manager left bed-bound for 22 hours a day after being bitten by a tick will travel by boat to the US for treatment after suffering from Lyme disease for TEN years

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  Emma Horlock, 42, believed she had a neurological condition like MS NHS tests were inconclusive but tests in Germany diagnosed Lyme disease She has […]

How aging women can fight fibromyalgia pain

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As the body ages, aches and pains might become more difficult for men and women to handle. While not all pain is indicative of a […]

8 Celebrities Living With Fibromyalgia

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It’s so important that celebrities with fibromyalgia come forward to help enlighten the public and promote awareness of the disease. They give a voice to […]

Whiplash, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and chronic pain DO NOT exist, claims top neurosurgeon

April 26, 2017 admin 3

A top neurosurgeon says whiplash is “simply non-existent”. Charles Marks believes the problem is driven by medical professionals writing reports detailing “mainly non-existent” injuries, writes […]

Essential oils for fibromyalgia: Can lavender oil help?

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Essential oils are growing in popularity, and many fibromyalgia patients are trying them to find relief. If you are curious about lavender oil, then consider […]

Dogwalkers in urban meadows may be spreading Lyme disease

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Dog-walkers may be unknowingly spreading deadly Lyme disease in towns and cities. Pets are increasingly picking up the ticks that carry the bacterial infection from […]