Disabilities caused in babies by epilepsy drug a ‘scandal’

January 23, 2018 admin 0

Bridget Buck was born with severe brain damage and spina bifida An MP has said the harm caused to children after their mothers were given […]

Uncovering epilepsy’s hidden secrets

December 12, 2017 admin 0

Thirty different medications are currently used to treat epilepsy. They may help prevent seizures or decrease the number of attacks. In many people, the drugs […]

British singer died in Qatar after disability benefits were cut off

December 11, 2017 admin 0

A British singer-songwriter was found dead in Qatar after travelling abroad to find work when her disability benefits were cut off. Daniella Obeng, 32, had […]

For children with epilepsy, marijuana can be a lifeline

December 4, 2017 admin 0

Silas Hurd has his good days and his bad days. The 9-year-old’s debilitating seizures are hard to watch, but his father, Forrest Hurd, said one […]

9 Very Early Signs of an Epileptic Seizure

December 2, 2017 admin 0

A neurological disorder that impacts approximately three million people, epilepsy often attacks with no warning. The disease is characterized by recurrent seizures that are unprovoked—here’s […]

Women warned of epilepsy drug’s risk to unborn children

October 16, 2017 admin 0

A young mum from Southport says her two children were born with disabilities because of the epilepsy drug sodium valproate . Antonia Rimmer says she’s […]

Study shows promise for children with severe form of epilepsy

October 3, 2017 admin 0

A new formulation of a drug that was used to treat children with a rare neurological condition in the 1980s, and later became half of […]

Thousands of mothers who gave birth to disabled babies claim they were deceived about the risks of taking epilepsy pills during pregnancy

September 23, 2017 admin 0

Thousands of angry mothers believe they were deceived about the risks of taking scandal-hit epilepsy pills during pregnancy. Nearly 20,000 babies have been born with […]

Australian researchers developing breakthrough treatment for epilepsy

August 9, 2017 admin 0

Australian researchers will work with US experts to develop a world-first procedure they believe could stop debilitating seizures for millions of epilepsy patients. Researchers in […]

Using Cannabis To Treat Drug-Resistant Forms Of Epilepsy

July 27, 2017 admin 0

Since one-quarter of epilepsy patients suffer from a drug resistant form of the disease, researchers are turning to cannabis as an alternative therapeutic option; and […]

Cannabis compound quells seizures in severe epilepsy syndrome

July 26, 2017 admin 0

A component of marijuana called cannabidiol eased seizures in children with Dravet syndrome, a potentially fatal form of epilepsy, in a late-stage clinical trial1. Dravet […]