UK Government told not to cut benefits for Frank’s Law claimants

September 11, 2017 admin 0

HEALTH Secretary Shona Robison has called on the UK Government to rule out cuts to disability payments for people set to benefit from a change in the […]

Sensitive markers on all NHS referrals

June 8, 2017 Mark Crossley 0

During 2017 after trying to attempt some mental health support, even after asking at the doctors surgery and being on two council of governors this […]

How many more people will die as a result of being on state benefits?

June 6, 2017 Mark Crossley 0

On this very website as well as on similar websites & all too frequently sad stories of real people who are on […]

Work Providers – Your stories and experiences

June 5, 2017 Mark Crossley 0

Please could members of this website give an unbalanced view of customers experiences of work providers such as Remploy, Shaw Trust, A4E, Ingeus and other […]

Medical Re-assessment Process – Your stories and experiences

June 3, 2017 Mark Crossley 0

These re-assessment processes it is without question cause substantial anxiety for people having to go through the process, this regrettably like anything it is the […]

Job Centre Plus Stories and Experiences

June 3, 2017 Mark Crossley 0

There are many websites as well as pages on social media, facebook especially regarding people’s different experiences on Job Centre Plus however I would like […]