BOY SOLDIER DIES Lad deployed to Iraq at 18 kills himself at 29 after PTSD battle

ONE of the youngest soldiers sent to fight in Iraq is believed to have killed himself after struggling with the harrowing effects of the war.

Kevin Williams, 29, was deployed there with The Royal Green Jackets on the day he turned 18.

He was part of Operation Telic 9, which saw some of the toughest fighting and involved 46,000 personnel at its peak.

But the combination of fierce fighting and the death of a friend left Kevin with post traumatic stress disorder.

He was discharged after failing a drugs test at 22 and found it hard to adapt to civilian life, ending up on the streets.

Missing combat, he trained to be a mercenary and discussed joining the Foreign Legion.

In a short documentary recorded before his death he said: “Returning to civilian life was a big shock.

“The skills I learnt especially being in the infantry regiment was all combat based, so civilian life doesn’t have any combat. I was pretty much useless.”I didn’t know how to handle normal everyday tasks, having that soldier’s mentality it makes you think you are stronger than this, you are better than this.”

Flashbacks plagued him, and relatives said he would often talk about the war.

Kevin’s family thought he was getting his life back on track as he trained to be an electrician, before his body was found at home in Basildon, Essex, last month.


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