Bodybuilder dad survives potentially fatal sepsis because the disease took so long to travel through his enormous muscles

BODYBUILDER Paul Jenny survived potentially fatal sepsis because it took so long to work through his muscles.

Paul, 47, developed the condition — where the immune system turns on the body after developing an infection — while waiting for a kidney transplant.

Paul has won numerous bodybuilding competitions

The dad of four weighs considerably more than the average man of his height
He needed five ops in six days and lost 60 per cent of his muscle mass.

Paul, a former award-winning bodybuilder, said: “The doctors told me it took the infection a long time to get through the muscle. That’s what ultimately saved my life.”

Paul is 5ft 5 but because he weighed a lot more than the average 150lbs for his height, he was able to survive.

The dad of four initially thought he had food poisoning after waking up feeling ill one Saturday.

His wife phoned the hospital and he was immediately rushed in by an ambulance where he was very quickly diagnosed with sepsis.

Paul said “The infection lasted three days but I was so close to ‘falling off the edge’. It was crazy. I was violently sick, but I was shivering even though I was hot.

Paul once ranked sixth in a Mr Universe competition

“My teeth were shattering and I was freezing in bed. My back went and I could hardly walk, but I thought I’d twisted it.”

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The former bodybuilder won several competitions in his heyday and was once in the top three in Britain and achieved sixth place in the Mr Universe competition, but now says training is the last thing on his mind.

Paul initially thought he had food poisoning

Paul with his four children
“Now I’m a different man physically, so the goal now is to recover mentally and then in the months to come, get in the gym and get back to a certain level”, he said.

The dad of four is recovering at home in Plymouth. The transplant has been postponed.


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