Blue Badge Holders in Cornwall – Don’t get caught out on 1st July 2016

Cornwall council are making out that it is business as usual for Blue Badge Holders parking for free in Cornwall car parks – but don’t be caught out – from 1st July 2016 to be able to park without getting a parking fine slapped on your window screen you must – register your vehicle with them and PAY a £10 fee for the privilege.

This is done through an application process, which takes at least a week to process – whilst your application is being processed you can not park for free and will have to purchase a ticket.

This is not just happening in Cornwall, for example, check out Devon Council website as they are putting in different rules of where disabled drivers are able to park for free.

Please read below taken from Cornwall Council website to see the application process and please share this information as we feel that this has not been publicised enough and many disabled drivers are going to be hit with huge parking fines all over the county.

From 1st July 2016 Blue Badge holders can park for free in a Cornwall Council car park if they have a vehicle that is adapted for the benefit of the driver to use or they are registered on the Cornwall Council exemption scheme.

This scheme is open to all blue badge holders who also have a registered disabled vehicle which qualifies for free tax and it is not limited to Cornish residents. Only one vehicle can be registered per person.

To qualify for the exemption a vehicle must be registered as disabled on the vehicles registration document (V5C) and a copy of that document will be required to be submitted with the application.

For more information go to Cornwall Council

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  1. I have a mobility vehicle we do not keep v5 registration document Motability keep them so how do we go about producing it with the our application???

  2. You should have informed all the disabled people who already have blue badges about this long ago. Giving us plenty of time to get the V5 in time for the start of charging

  3. You should have informed all the blue badge holders in Cornwall about this long ago, to give us plenty of time to sort this out. Some people do not have access to the Internet

  4. do you have to do this even if you are already registered when the rules about car tax badges came out a while ago

  5. Lovely – just had the Tax Free element removed from my PIP claim, [Appealing ] but I retain the Blue Badge as I still actually qualify for that! Oh Joy!

    • It’s bad they doing this be careful just a blue badge don’t give free parking in Cornwall council carparks the car need to be nil tax also lots of visitors to Cornwall get fined every year due to this and the fact in some county’s just a blue badge is needed

  6. So i get a new motability car on the 4th of July it can take 3 weeks for dvla to send motability the V5 documents for a new car, it can then take up to 2 weeks for Motability to get the new documents out to me, it can then take up to 10 days for Cornwall Council to confirm my application is approved, This information was only posted on the councils website on the 24th June , giving only 6 days notice to all blue badge holders already registered on the councils system, that they won’t be able to park for free in council car parks from 1st July and that they must reapply. So in total for my my application process could take up to 7 weeks to complete, yet i only get 6 days notice…. And then to add insult to injury, they want to charge a small fee (SMALL!) of £10 to cover costs, we already paid Cornwall Council a £10 fee to get a Blue Badge in the first place and have to pay that fee every-time we renew! Cornwall Council working for its residents again!!!

  7. I telephoned a couple of weeks ago and asked to register. I did not have to pay anything, it was all done on the phone and I was told it would be 3 days before it would be on their system. Should I check to see if it has been done?

    • As of 1st they will scrap old even if you registered old way day before did mine by email and had reply saying it’s on system but will be changing they just did not say when and I would have to update when it changes

  8. Yes its Cornwall Council working for us again – Not!

    Its £10.00 per year we will have to pay for the Parking Pass on top of the Blue Badge fee every 3 years.

    Obviously they want to make money by only giving very short notice of the changes. It will be interesting to find out how many fines are issued in the first few months before everybody becomes aware of the policy change. Lets hope they at least put up some prominent BIG signs in the car parks to alert people.

  9. If they insist on making it too hard then the blue badge holders will just park on the road instead – like the bit about only using one car, the blue badge specifically says it relates to the person named and not the car, it can be used in any car.

  10. My daughters carer uses our WAV for taking her out and about. We have registered our family car as free tax and parking. Does this now mean the carer pays for her parking? The meters aren’t accessible to wheelchairs in Falmouth. We will need to leave my daughter alone in the car (not practical or safe) or park her chair in the road part of events square parking and leave her there to get a ticket (not even slightly safe)
    I did point these issues out during the consultation process and I’ve been completely ignored!

  11. we have an adapted car (i am the driver, my wife is in a wheelchair.) We have a blue badge but am unsure if I have to register. the car as it is a mobility car.

    • Phoned them today took 22 minutes for him to answer my question and he had to put me on hold to check .it’s worded you are exempt from fees if you are disabled tax exempt and have adatations or you have registered. I have a hoist fitted so apparently the traffic warden can see the hoist and that makes you exempt .
      It’s total shambles .
      It might be worth printing off their statement so that if you do get a ticket you can appeal .I am going to .

  12. It’s just another way to penalise people for being disabled. We’ve got the badge, we’re entitled to use it, we’ve had demeaning and humiliating tests to get the benefit that entitles us to use them. This is absolutely unnecessary and just another way to extract more money from disabled people.

    • I totally agree . The Cormwall Council should be ashamed of themselve’s. Maybe their time would be better spent fining people who don’t have the right to park in a disable space.

      • Welll said the number of times ihave been unable to find a disabled space over the last 40years is obscene aand it hasnt im sad to say improved

  13. So I come to Cornwall won’t be able to take my Mum out if you have register a car for that would be the regular car she rides. What a shame did enjoy taking her out.

  14. OK, some clarification required here! Cornwall Council intended to remove all concessions that allowed Blue Badge holders to park for free in Council owned car parks. This was widely publicised well over a year ago. Disability Cornwall challenged the removal of the ‘tax exempt’ concession on the grounds that it was discriminatory. Disability Cornwall were the only representatives at the decision making meeting unfortunately…no one else turned up. However, we overturned the complete removal of concession in return for the £10 permit for those who are ‘road-tax exempt’. So, whilst not a great outcome for all, Disability Cornwall did manage to curtail the costs of car parking charges to a degree for those affected by the change in policy. You do not have to buy the permit, but you won’t be able to park for free in council car parks if you don’t. You can still use your Blue Badge as normal for all other parking. If you are coming from out of county, I understand you will also be able to apply.

  15. This is absolutely ridiculous. I asked for a copy of my V5c from motability and they said it will take up to 2 weeks to receive it in the format I’ve requested, yet the council doesn’t inform us of the change until the 24/6/16, and that’s if you happen to see it online! Its just another way of the council making money out of the disabled and by fining people who don’t have a clue that the changes have been made. I was only made aware of the temporary change by getting a fine in the car park. Luckily for me, I contacted my MP who managed to get my fine overturned and he registered my car with the council at the same time!

    • Hi Sarah…the Council have handled this fiasco appallingly from day one. Disability Cornwall negotiated the best outcome we could. However, on the grounds that we challenged – discrimination – we couldn’t pursue as an organisation. In law, only an individual can challenge under equality legislation.

  16. Also, as the council issue the blue badges they should write to everyone who has one informing them of the change. Oops sorry, that costs money doesn’t it!!

  17. Well Steve, thank goodness you were there representing us all! I don’t mind paying the £10, as we do save a lot on parking. I don’t like how they only give you 6 days notice when you can’t get the documents required from motability for up to 2 weeks. Not everyone has access to the Internet and not everyone buys newspapers. I expect most won’t find out until they get back to the car park, see a parking fine slapped on their window and appeal it….unless they just pay it and don’t actually find out why they’ve received it as it doesn’t actually specify it on the parking ticket as I found out!

    • They have put up signs now. However, if meeting the deadline is likely to cause you a problem, I urge you to ring the council and ask for an extension based on it being ‘reasonable’ given the requested documentation within a very tight timeframe. I will be calling them this week to make a few points myself.

  18. I have just come across this page from the excellent Facebook page fightback4justice and reading the comments here it looks like I will need to apply for the exemption when we have our summer holiday in Bude. My motability car is tax exempt.
    Does any body know how long the process takes to receive the exemption permit?
    Also, could someone please provide a link that will take me to the page to apply
    Many thanks in advanced

  19. What about the disabled badge users who signed up and registered for the original scheme over the last year or so Do they need to revregister and if so why haven’t they been contacted by Cornwall Council

  20. Cornwall discriminates against the disabled yet again, what about the grockles who visit and pay towards your cities and towns coffers you will lose their trade too; another nail in the tourist coffin.

  21. If you have a vehicle through Motability contact them and they will happily email you a copy of the V5C document, which proves your vehicle is tax-exempt. I’ve had to do this.

  22. So what about us that don’t drive but have a blue badge to allow anyone who is a driver to carry us and use the badge in their car how does that work then

    • As far as I no, if you don’t have the nil tax disk from the dvla, you cant register for the “free parking” in council run car parks. You would need to check the prices on the board. But again we would advise you to contact your local council.
      Hope this helps

  23. Just spoken to motobility, they are able to email the V5 to you, which could then be emailed to Cornwall Council, so it can be done in time.

  24. I interesting wording just phoned then. The .It reads free parking if your car is tax exempt and has adaptation OR is registered with Cornwall county as exempt .
    So as my car is a mobility car is tax exempt and has a hoist fitted for the benefit of the driver ,I assume I don’t have to apply for an exemption certificate . Totally baffled the Council !! Was on the phone for 22 minutes .at first he said that I needed to apply the OR should read AND . Shocked so the I fo the cpuncilut out is wrong replacing the OR with AND mean’s that if you haven’t got adaptations to the car you can’t apply for an exemption even though you are disabled and the cat is tax exempt .another long wait for him to query and I was told .no it reads as it should if you have adaptation to your car the traffic warden can see them and you won’t have to pay for parking ! You do not need to register at all .
    Fine !
    If I get a parking ticket then I will be appealing .might be worth printing off a copy of the Council statement for further reference .

    • To be honest they have not got a clue what they are doing “councils for ya ” Have you ever tried to appeal a parking ticket it’s a nightmare !!

  25. Having been at meetings with the council and having submitted my own concerns AND agreed a solution…quite frankly I am completely baffled by the outcome. The pay and display machines are NOT equality act compliant and I strongly urge anyone who gets a ticket to challenge the council. If you incur costs, sue for maladministration!

  26. The blue badge was meant to be for the use of the person whose picture was on the badge…..What happens now to people who do not own a car but have a badge that they use when a passenger in other cars…..I think I will avoid car parks and use the double yellow line exemption…

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